In My Closet Novel – Introduction

For many years, I have tried to pour my heart and soul out into this book, with the fear of rejection.  I believe every writer goes through a period of questioning, whether or not they have what it takes to make it as a writer, however my fear grew to fearing those I also felt I would disappoint.  Over time, I became stronger, not only as a woman, but stronger in my determination to tell my story in hopes it may help someone else struggling in life.

Comfort did not come easy in my life; living an empty existence behind a shell of lies was normal in my mind.  Who was I?  Who am I now?  All these questions many live with, with no comfort or support.  I’d like to change that for someone – you are not alone.

Sometimes, we find comfort in places or with those that we would have never thought would be there for us; whether it is from a friend, a stranger, a family member, or for that matter through a character in a book.  Finding comfort is something to be cherished; I will be forever grateful for the comfort I eventually found in my life – I felt saved.

I hope in reading my story you find a form of Peace; it may help you to find a new appreciation for who and what you already have in your life.