In My Closet Production – My Inspiration

For some people, they may not understand why I continue to pursue so much in my life, the answer is easy for me – My Mom.

The creative process behind “In My Closet Production” started just after my Mom passed away in December of 2004.  The writing, which In My Closet Production will be producing in the future, was fueled by the continuous drive inside of me to not want to disappoint my Mom.  There are many stories which will be told, produced, and realized all with this drive pushing me to do well.

My Mom always wanted to see me succeed in “something”; however I was only 36 years old when she passed away and not everyone can say they were a true success at that age.  I know she is with me in Spirit and guiding me, I’m a firm believer that Heaven is just 3 feet up and over to the left a bit from us, so our loved ones are still here to watch over us.  I find comfort in believing this, helps me to continue my journey in all that I do.

This page I’ve created will be dedicated to my Mom; she was such a great woman.  You will see, as I continue with my journey, I will refer to many Icons who have inspired me throughout my life, but the #1 Icon will always be my Mother.  Her life wasn’t easy, mind you what life is, but she found the good in every day and for that I have the most gratitude for her.  No matter what happened in her life, she always found something good to help her to continue on with her day and the next.

I’d like to think that I have that same quality as my Mom did, which will help In My Closet Production become the success; the success my Mom was in her life.

Love You Mom!